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Our 2 new Paint Color and Paint Project Management App's
About us
Color-chip.org is a color sciences and computer laboratory
that specializes in spectroscopy and spectrophotometer scanning the reflectance, transmission and/or radiated subtractive color of real world materials to facilitate state-of-the-art analytics and management into virtual world RGB/sRGB (additive color) spaces.

As a group, we are dedicated color specialists with more than 40 years experience in real world pigments, colorants and dyes for the coating industry and have more than 20 years of software development experience aimed at on-screen color management of real world colored products and materials. Although we do build other color related spectral databases for clients most of our focus and energies are spent on how to display real world colors on digital displays accurately.
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is fast and simple to use. Enter the width, length and wall height of any room, enter how many windows and doors there are and “Quick Paint-Calculator” will calculate how much paint you need for any room or flat surface. You will have your answers in gallons or litres in less than a minute........

is a professional paint calculator that allows you to create, save, edit and delete painting projects using its own proprietary onboard “Paint Project Manager” driven database. Add a Project, then add, save and/or edit individual room’s or flat areas measurement details to your painting project. You can add multiple painting projects and multiple areas to each project. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 !!!!
Color-Chips Mobile
is an application (App) designed to turn your mobile device into an instant digital paint color chip viewer. Quickly select and view your favourite paint manufacturer's paint colors and color collections or 100's of other manufacturer's with 1000's of colors.

The App has a dynamically driven database of spectrophotometer scanned paint manufactures standard color offerings. Because the database is resident on your mobile device it make the color data available to you anywhere, anytime without Internet or wifi connectivity. You can view your favorite paint manufacturers color collections or browse 100’s of other manufacturer's colors right on your mobile device. Get the full versions of Pro-Paint-Calculator and Color-Chips Mobile installed on your device and you can also select and save your favouite paint manufacturer's color to individual areas of your painting projects.